Other SAM Tools

Selecting a SAM tool can be a daunting task.

Every SAM tool has its own strengths and weaknesses.

LDS has over a decade of experience in working with various SAM tools - we can help map your unique requirements to the appropriate SAM tool.

SAM Tool Managed Services

SAM tool’s are not ‘set it and forget it’ tools, they need continuous care and maintenance.

LDS can assist in:

  1. Interface health check
    • Periodically we compare agents/data reported vs other sources in your environment to make sure your SAM tool coverage is at 100% and all endpoints are reporting into the SAM tool
  2. Publisher Onboarding and clearing
    • LDS will daily or as a batch assist in loading/clearing all the entitlements from your procurement system like SAP, Ariba, etc
  3. Deployment clearing
    • Clearing deployment signatures
    • Applying downgrade/parallel use rights
    • Applying specific contract terms and conditions
  4. Remote management of your SAM tool
    • Daily monitoring/troubleshooting input data feeds
    • Daily status reporting
    • Running daily automated cron jobs, etc.
    • Monitoring agent health

Licensing Data Solutions

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