About Us

Licensing Data Solutions is P2P (Partner to Partner) software licensing data analysis consulting company. LDS specializes in data analysis for major software vendors like (Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, EMC, VMWare, SAP, Microfocus, Salesforce, Quest, etc).

We are headquartered in New York, USA and have over 25 analysts supporting various partners in USA and UK.

IBM Baseline Review
  • IBM Audit Report Reverse Analysis
  • IBM Contract/Entitlement Review
  • IBM Mainframe Baseline Analysis
  • Remote ILMT Support
Oracle Enterprise License Position
  • Oracle Options and Packs Analysis
  • Oracle Review Lite (Options and Packs) Script Analysis
  • Oracle Hardware/Virtualization script/report analysis
  • Oracle Middleware LMS Script Analysis
  • Oracle Ebusiness Analysis
Microsoft Enterprise License Position
  • Microsoft Compliance and Optimization Analysis
  • Microsoft Office 365 Optimization Analysis
  • Microsoft Azure Cost Savings Analysis
SAP Enterprise License Position
  • SAP SLAW Health check
  • SAP Engine Analysis
Remote SAM Tool Calibrations
  • Service Now SAM Pro
  • Aspera SmartTrack
  • Salesforce Licensing and Cost Optimization Analysis
  • Workday Licensing and Cost Optimization Analysis
  • SuccessFactor Licensing and Cost Optimization Analysis
  • Quest Enterprise License Baseline
  • Microfocus Enterprise License Baseline
  • VMWare Enterprise License Baseline

Licensing Data Solutions

If you would like to learn about Software Compliance Data Solutions contact us today:

Address: NYC, Houston and San Francisco

Telephone: (646) 820 - 1647

Email: info@licensingdatasolutions.com

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