Java - Think it is Free, Not Anymore!

Everyone has Java installed in their environment. It is the most popular language deployed with two billion installs. You might not know that Java was created by Sun in 1991 and released as a free product with the promise of “write once and run anywhere.”  This resulted in Java being deployed on a multitude of devices such as servers, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Oracle purchased Sun in 2010 and then in January 2019 made Java fee-based (any commercial use became fee-based). What does this mean for you?

You will want to know whether your Java is free or fee-based before an Oracle Java sales rep reaches out to you to discuss your Java usage. It makes good business sense to understand your deployment and whether you should be purchasing Oracle licenses for Java. This way, you can make plans to mitigate the exposure, and possibly budget for any licenses that might be required.

Read our blogs on how to remediate/optimize Java, and learn more about the most common misconceptions customers have about Java licensing.

Don't cut a check to Oracle - Optimize your Java footprint first!

Most Common Misconceptions about Java Licensing

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