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Software licensing compliance and asset management are often thankless tasks. If done perfectly, no one notices. However, when mistakes are made and liabilities become an issue, everyone notices, especially if the company is under a licensing review.

LDS Consultants was created with the mission of supporting clients with software licensing and maximizing value from software assets and SAM tools. If you are considering moving to the Cloud, we will provide you with alternatives and recommendations on optimizing your costs—with information developed by an independent consultant instead of a software sales team. We can also check the performance of your SAM tools and the accuracy of reports, especially around products that create challenges for most tools.

Our goals are to help you become compliant and stay compliant; and to reduce costs, optimize your use of tools, and increase the value of your software assets—in the short term and strategically over time. The focus of software audits has changed over the years. The original goal was to protect the intellectual assets of the software company. That focus has expanded to include an emphasis on generating revenue for software publishers.

Customers are always at a disadvantage in licensing reviews. Software publishers create the licensing terms, produce detailed specifications, and often use attorneys to generate the fine print. Customers are required to comply with all licensing terms and conditions and are liable for any gaps. The complexity of determining gaps based on an evaluation of current terms and conditions and software deployment can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with expert compliance auditors. LDS Consulting can help you level the playing field and increase your odds of achieving a favorable settlement.

LDS Consultants was created by licensing experts. Our consultants have experience working for software publishers and/or audit firms. We do not sell any software or promote any third party products.

LDS is dedicated solely to supporting the interests of our clients.

Licensing Data Solutions

If you would like to learn about Software Compliance Data Solutions contact us today:

Address: NYC, Houston and San Francisco

Telephone: (646) 820 - 1647

Email: info@licensingdatasolutions.com

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