SmartTrack has optimized software and cloud licenses in large Global Fortune 500 companies. The platform is built for enterprises with many employees to manage data centers that stretch globally. It directly integrates with your tools and systems that are already in place, and easily scales in large environments.

Services Offered:

  • Interface Health Check
    • Identify missing or broken agents
    • Identify missing software inventory data points and transactions
    • Monitor feeds from various systems into LIMA/SmartTrack
  • Normalize Entitlements
    • Add new licenses and contracts
    • Clear new entitlements
    • Apply upgrade and downgrade rights
  • Normalize Deployments
    • Normalize signatures coming out of various end points to high level product name
    • Apply metric engines to relevant products
    • Clear deployments
    • Identify and calibrate suite products
  • Reconciliation
    • Create final compliance position to show overage and under utilization


Licensing Data Solutions

If you would like to learn about Software Compliance Data Solutions contact us today:

Address: NYC, Houston and San Francisco

Telephone: (646) 820 - 1647


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